My Bands

Radiator 865post-post-punk / raw noise punk [RIP 2006-2013]


Das Elektrische Ichholy no post-avantgarde punk


Piss Guitars – Direct Action Music/ No Wave


Die Infantillerie & Die 7te Krawallerie      [RIP 2011-2012]

who needs compromise when you got distortion?

Bass, Drums, Distortion. The INFANTILLERIE is a harsh no wave duo from hamburg. “No” describes their style precise and accurate: improvised refusal. Desertation, unpresentable and: every expectation will be defected. Doing it stressfully laid-back, neither torturing sentimental questions about the the sense of it all are being asked,
nor are they answered. Punk. Five releases so far, collaborations and tours throughout the european noise continuum.


Krankenhavs no music/fine noise


Schuppen – [RIP 2009] industrial-kraut


Tötkolben  [RIP 2010-2012]



Hænder og Tænder    [RIP 2011-2012]



Oi Aikoja [RIP 2012]


Chargé électrise [RIP 2009]

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