Yes, Minister

I think highly of Bismarck, but I also think the unification of Germany should have never happened.
Instead of the German Empire, there would be prosperous and independent kingdoms and city states.

The Duchy of Schleswig would have become an autonomous part of the Danish Kingdom; the Duchy of Holstein would have gotten her full sovereignty with Altona or Kiel as her capital.

Too bad that Austria-Hungary, Napoleon III and Denmark didn’t gang up to trash the Prussians when it was badly needed.


Decisions/Actions are always black or white. Thoughts shouldn’t be. But to make a decision one has to render thoughts binary.


how do you know you’re a centrist? when you’re able to confuse/piss off everybody.


there’s no such thing as absolute freedom.
it’s only fun as a one finger salute – to piss people off –
but it will get pretty boring and ugly when
the new left becomes the new mainstream.
which it is already.


A protip for all you dense/room temperature IQ people out there,
who do think that harsh NOISE has any superior identity,
and/or is grounded in a well thought philosophy.
(by the way, the same could be said about any postmodern art[academy])



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