Mørke Dage

Krankenhavs’s gonna perfrom at Mørke Dage festival in Nørresundby (Aalborg). Stage time is October 24th at 5pm.


LIVE: no-music, noise 

Krankenhavs is an experimental noise trio for intense diagnostic and emergency treatment. A no-music resuscitation area. The well-tested method of treatment is rejection and disturbance through fine noise. There’s no black and white, not even grey. Krankenhavs consists of Java Delle (DE), Claus Poulsen (DK) and Louise Vind Nielsen (DK/DE).

Together they perform full on harsh noise, hard for the ears and good for abreaction. Not only do Krankenhavs challenge the listener by performing anti-music of very extreme character, but also by having a curious approach as to how the traditional concert-experience can be questioned, turned upside down and executed in a different manner.

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