some winter tour pics

I turned green. Here in Amiens         The RTT in Brussels

amiens       rtt

The aftermath of a SonyTony live action at Korn                     Me green at RTT

stkorn         jdrtt

Klaus live in Brussels                                The fox of Amiens

klrtt            fuchs

K’ – Zentrum für Kunst                                         Alhambra

k     alhambra

La Miroiterie in Paris                             The Frenchman likes noisy suburbs

m            noisetown

SonyTony live action in Paris                                   Green in Mons

526351_577299172281246_845248307_n          jdmons

Le Sombrero. Our venue in Amiens                      Che in green at Le Sombrero

tapasbar          greenche

The living room in Bondy                                      Noisy take away food in Belgium

livingroom      noiscanbe

Radiator                                                                 Sven Geberit on the stage

rad     sven

The Frenchman hates pubs                                Washing powder or sugar?

hatepub      sugarpowder

The final Kaundown in Gent


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