Tour sounds,footages, pictures, etc

Back for a couple of days. Many thanx to everyone.


Mayhem, Copenhagen on 28th of  July 

I played with das Elektrische Ich and Krankenhaus. I was also part of the organising crew.

Krankenhaus live:


Public Library, Stavanger on 2nd of August

no words are required.


Kulturbua, Kristiansand on 3rd of August.

This Café is on an island and used to be the checkpoint of a former miltary barrack. It was quite windy, here one can see Sindre playing the game “catch the head”.


Vaterland, Fredrikstad on 5th of August

No, vater in Norwegian doesn’t mean father but water. So we played in Costners waterworld. Electricity was provied by a generator because someone didn’t pay the bill.


Stein og Jord Platebar, Oslo on 6th of August

Probably the best record shop in the world, if you’re into world music. I’d definitely miss something if i had not been introduced to Derdiyoklar. (a great Berlin based Turkish psy. folk, disko folk from the ’70s) The location is close to a tunnel on a multi-lane road. Surrounded by high-rise buildings and it did rain the whole day. The PA was a guitar amp. So the best circumstances to play a great noise show. Here the prov:


Tunnel, Helsinki on 9th of August

Now in Helsinki for three days. It was great fun, maybe even the best days as my live as noisecian. The first day we played in a gallery called Myymälä2 (pronounced müümälä, it means something like shop) and the second day in a gallery called Kingi Kongi. I just remember the rumbling bass sound of my whisk. quite nice. The 3rd day in a abandoned railway tunnel. The PA system was two battery operated amps and Ilpo did a really, really good recording of my show. Much better than my memory.


Here some picutes:


Ptamigan, Tallinn on 10th of August

Off to Estonia. How can i descripe the venue? It is located in the edge of the old town and shares the house with the Canadian embassy and it has a really great view out of the window. Me and Hans did last year our famous “pigeon noise knights” pictures close to the Ptarmigan.


Chky Bar, Riga on 12th of Augsut.

Two days Riga.  The first day we played in the Chky Bar, which is a collective. Really nice and welcoming people. Artists and audience were armed with red capes. The second day we played in the Taka Cafe. If you are in Riga some day, you should definitively have some bear in the Chky Bar and have a lunch in the Taka Cafe.


Level B-3, Vilnius on 14th of August

In the basement of a contemporary art center, my whisk was rumbling again because of the huge PA system and round about 120 showed up. I, as noiscian and non kommerzbow, am not used to that crowed. But yea, was fun. It was fun to produce this static bass sound, just a with a cooking tool. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t. But this time it did. Definitively.


Bei Roy, Berlin 17th of August.

Foggy as usual in Berlin.

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